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The Vessel UK

The Vessel UK has facilitated global learning for young people from the UK for two decades, providing the training and support needed to co-create socially responsible, sustainable projects that share relevant skills and resources with young people from their African partner organisations. These projects are delivered remotely and directly to youth in The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Namibia, and Liberia. Daughters of Africa have hosted and worked with Vessel participants since their inception.


This work has benefited the growth of our staff and the development of youth leadership skills through involvement in co- creating, recruiting, monitoring, and managing the projects on the ground. Local and National organisations that we partner with have benefited through their involvement in projects ranging from solar installation, business development, health and sport, upcycling, and environmental architecture to archiving and curation, engineering, art and design, fashion, and management.

Case Study

We have worked in partnership with UWE (University of West England,) since 2019. In 2021 seven post graduate architecture students took part in Vessel UK training to prepare them to share skills with 12 Gambian Architecture students from Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) remotely. This resulted in them working together to investigate the possibility of reducing the current use of cement in the construction industry in The Gambia. This is due to cement being environmentally unsafe. Through this process gaps in knowledge were identified leading to bespoke training for the GTTI students, ensuring an important transfer of knowledge and skills.