Arts Development

The founders of the foundation have a rich background in the arts and will continue to use their skills and experience to support the development of the arts curriculum, especially from where the gap in training skills has been identified i.e year nine to degree level. We are approaching this quest in three ways: 

  • Building our partnership work with the National Centre for Arts and Culture

  • Building our partnership work with the University of The Gambia

  • Strengthening the skills and facilitation experience of local artist

  • Developing the building offered by St Peters Technical Secondary School, into an Arts and Informal Education Learning Centre

  • Sourcing artists and facilitating the sharing of ideas and practice

  • Working with experienced local artists to develop visual arts projects in the community

Gambia has a population of 1,991,000, with 19 to 30 year olds making up almost 37%. There is 38% Youth unemployment, and  inflation is rising, pushing up the cost of food and necessities. 

For more information see: 2014 UN Development Programme report.

Abuko, Gambia