We have formed a partnership with the Ministry of Education. We are very excited about this opportunity to spread our work in schools and create unique quality training opportunities for teachers, children and young people.

St Peter's Technical Junior & Secondary School

St Peter's School is an important partner – based in Lamin, it is home to 3,000 students that we have been working with since 2015!  So far the school has benefited immensely from our projects which have provided training in drama; football, journalism, graphic design, first aid, long term health conditions and leadership and management training for students and staff. It has also enabled them to build beneficial relationships with new partners in the community. By building skills in the school environment consistently the staff are enabled to sustain the learning. 

We are currently supporting an 'Arts Club' initiative for students in the school and the wider community to enable growth in career opportunities both in creative enterprise and the visual arts.

St Peter’s have recently provided a large residency space for DOAF to develop as an arts and informal education learning centre open to the whole community. The space is in need of repair and development so that it can become a space that acts as a resource for young people and their leaders. We are also developing an 'Arts Club' for students in the school and wider community who are interested in developing their creative skills in the visual arts.


Abuko, Gambia