Kambeng Kaffo began with an invitation to women in the community of Abuko to form a group focussed on enterprise development. This brought together a diverse group of 16 women: single women, mothers and grandmothers. Some already had started small enterprises, others had the desire to do so, this new venture allowed them to work together with investment and the support of the table top banking system managed by the foundation 


Table Top Banking
Our Table Top Banking Model (TTB) was inspired by a successful Kenyan Model that has been developed further to enable healthy investment in community development. The focus is on practical enterprise training and experience, thereby enabling more self-employment in African communities. The model creates no debt for the participants, encourages dialogue and unity and rewards hard work. 

Why Kambeng Kafo is Important

Over 50% of Gambians live below the poverty line. Female literacy rates are 31.2% lower than male. Inflation is rising along with food prices. It is key that all groups are empowered. Kambeng Kafo have shown major commitment to developing enterprise and have shown what can be done with work and small bits of funding. They are an example for the community and we will strive to find ways to support them. 

See here for more information: http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/gambia_statistics.html


Abuko, Gambia