Enables a rounded structure of leadership and participation

17 leaders from across five communities that engaged with our Leadership training course in 2016 elected to transition into the DOAF committee to fully take part in guiding its development and keeping it relevant and integral to every day developments in The Gambia. This is a great step forward for the foundation because this diversity of leadership will not only enable growth but will make sure that projects coming into the communities are relevant, ethical and sustainable from an African lens. The group also wholeheartedly elected Famara Fatty as project manager, much valued for his experience and management abilities from working with other international charities for many years.

Gambia has a population of 1,991,000, with 19 to 30 year olds making up almost 37%. There is 38% Youth unemployment, and  inflation is rising, pushing up the cost of food and necessities. 

For more information see: 2014 UN Development Programme report.

Abuko, Gambia