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DOAF Health Forums

In 2021 we began to provide on-line health forums for a diverse, invited, community audience. This was in response to the lived experiences of our team and their concern regarding the high level of health challenges in The Gambia. Many people die or become critically ill from treatable illnesses with little or no knowledge of practical prevention. Also, health care is extremely expensive. Three young African doctors in the United Kingdom agreed to share their knowledge bi-monthly with African communities.

Working closely with the doctors we talk to people about the common illnesses in the community such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, reproduction issues, respiratory problems etc. We share this information with the doctors and they in turn carry out relevant research. They then prepare a presentation that is delivered live and allows for full interaction, often with translators present. We also invite young people from different parts of Africa to join each session.

The Doctors:

Dr Atinuke Akinmolayan MBChB BSc (Hons) DRCOG,

Dr Akinmolayan graduated from Leicester Medical School with Distinction in 2017. During her time at medical school, she undertook a year of clinical research was awarded a 1st Class Honours Intercalated BSc degree in Cardiovascular Sciences. Her research has been published in renowned journals, been well received by national and international audiences and she has been awarded with a number of professional awards.
After completing medical school, Dr Akinmolayan completed the Academic Foundation Programme in London where she gained clinical experience in a range of medical, surgical and community-based specialities. During her training she gained further research experience with Barts Health NHS Trust working on a variety of projects, in particular looking at developing tools to improve detection of secondary causes of high blood pressure in primary care.

Dr Akinmolayan recognised her passion laid in disease prevention. She is now completing her specialty training in Academic Primary Care with Royal Free NHS Trust and is working on a research project on validating novel ways to detect cardiovascular disease earlier in primary care, funded by the National Institute of Health Research. She is also completing a Postgraduate qualification in Public Health in addition to co-leading the Womens’ Health Module in the UCL Medical School curriculum.

Dr Tosan Otubu

Dr Tosan Otubu is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and works as a General Practitioner in London, United Kingdom. She graduated from the University of Leicester MBChB in 2016 and holds a diploma from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. She is building a portfolio career. Her interests include women’s health, primary prevention, and its intersection with healthcare technology.

During her training Dr Otubu recognised the value of peer support and mentorship for women who work in health care in the UK, especially those of African origin. She co-founded ‘Chasing Your Truth’ to address this need.

Dr Otubu is passionate about empowering people from various educational backgrounds with knowledge to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. She works with ‘Health Unboxed’ to deliver this educational material.

Dr Afua Appiah

Dr Afua Appiah is a Clinical Psychologist working into children and adolescent services in London, UK.  Afua has worked in Mental Health Services for approximately 10 years with complex conditions and presentations. She has worked in services across the lifespan with individuals and families experiencing the effects of acute mental health crisis. In addition, she has worked with families affected by substance misuse, trauma, physical disabilities and autism. She has a keen interest in the role of public health in prevention and protection of vulnerable children and young people. She has experience of innovative and novel therapeutic approaches to working with complexity and severe mental health problems.

She was recently involved in exploring the role of virtual reality in mediating the effects of phobias in children and young people. Afua has worked alongside national organisations in developing guidance and policy in respect of working with children and young people subject to exploitation.