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Abuko Digital Hub

Abuko Digital Hub is an initiative aimed at providing a quality digital learning and access for young people across The Gambia. Advanced digital skills such as web development, programming and graphic design are highly desirable assets for young people in the Gambia. They open the gateway to prestigious employment in a developing IT sector, as well as to local and international freelance work which can provide additional income and opportunities. The Gambian government recognises the importance of a digitally literate population, but the current education system provides few opportunities for the training of these skills. In 2015, UNESCO reported a computer-to-child ratio of 37:1 in upper secondary schools. As of 2021, there are only 2 universities in the whole country that offer degree-level courses in ICT skills. While private training exists, they are often unaffordable: a web-development course typically costs 10,000 in the region we serve.

We are working to provide affordable, digital training for young people aged 15-30, sourcing courses and trainers that can help young people navigate the digital world and get them job-ready. We provide access to computers in facilities that are available through the week for research and study. We also provide on-going IT training in basic computer skills.

The Abuko Digital Hub was made possible through a partnership with Code Roots, and KORI Youth Charity based on research and learning in Gambia teaching us that:

  • School leavers struggle to find meaningful routes to build on their Secondary education
  • Employment for young people is restricted by a lack of qualifications
  • Many of the established private colleges in The Gambia and courses that rely on E-Learning fail due to poor Wi-Fi access and a lack of course supervision.
  • Self employed people fail to develop their skills through e-learning due to the cost and reliability of Wi-Fi bands in the Gambia
  • Employed people and students with a desire to develop their education and skills would benefit from access to reliable e-learning platforms.
  • Access to quality global e-learning to raise education standards is of key importance to many in The Gambia.